Today’s Tip:  Homeland Security is at your service!
If you want more than a pat-down by a TSA agent, remember that Homeland Security can help with doing a full immigration search on your ancestors if you want.  They are located
It costs, but if all else fails, it might be a resource.  Plus the cost is not outrageous in my eyes.  I have tried it for an ancestor for well before their advertised time-frame and they could not help, but I have heard from others that they did help and find good information.
This link has their brochure and explains the service they provide.
 At first they were WAY behind, but seems they are catching up to their backlog now.  It is nice they post their processing time on the site.
This just could be the different set of eyeballs/access that could find something in support of your immigration record needs.
Onward To Our Past,

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