Today’s Tip: Beware the nickname!
Remember to always do the old double-check when it comes to Census records, etc. for the use of nicknames.  
Not only the nickname of the ‘usual’ North American variety, like Bill for William.  But more that are far more esoteric!
Remember the ‘Americanized’ nicknames.  Many of my Vaclav ancestors simply used James at times … Vaclav at times … one decided on John then James …. then back to Vaclav!
I stuggled with an Elizabeth who I discovered went by Peggy her adult life … and a Peggy who went by Jane … YOWL!
Then there are the Italian nicknames.  These are actually supranomen, but found that a whole line of my D’Aquila family went by their supranomen Carolina for their whole lives … one still does to this day.  Then I find that this is common practice with many Italian families, so I watch for it now all the time!
So …. keep you eyes peeled for those nicknames!  At least in court documents they had to use their real names!
Onward To Our Past,

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