Today’s Tip:  If you are asking family history questions and not getting answers …. put yourself on the spot!

Every so often (actually more often than I wish) I find myself talking with a distant or newly found family member who is not particularly keen on my questioning for family history.  They hem and haw, they hesitate and change the subject.  

So rather than continue to put them on the spot, where they seem uncomfortable, I put myself on the spot …. and usually get great results.

If, for example, I am asking about Aunts and Uncles and getting nowhere fast, I start answering my own questions and giving examples of my own Aunts and Uncles, maybe toss in a Cousin or two.  I start by telling a story that answers my own question with my own example.  This tends to draw the person into my questioning and turns it into a conversation rather than a Q and A session.  Pretty soon I find we are chatting and they are offering up the stories and information I was seeking.

Nothing mysterious about it, just creating a welcoming atmosphere and showing them we are both in the same family boat, so to speak.  

I hope it works for you ….. it has done wonders for me!

Onward To Our Past,


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