Today Tip:  Build Trust!
Often times I find myself in a bit of a self-imposed hurry-up mode.  Trying to make everything come together in my timeframe for my reasons.  I learned the hard way that this can be very damaging to one’s long-term genealogy goals as it can easily damage relationship building! 
Building trusting relationships in our genealogy efforts, as in so much of life, is crucial to success!  And builiding a fine, trusting relationship takes time! Some of our time, but mostly other folks’ time.  And the trust gets built by the other half of the partnership, so we must move at a speed that is at their comfort level, not ours.
Trusting relationships will bring untold benefits.  
Just recently I had reason to re-engage with a newer found cousin.  Our initial efforts were fine, but cool.  Helpful, but not out-of-the-way helpful.  
This time, now that I had called a few times inbetween, sent occassional emails, and our weekly family update, the trust level was established and the help flowed!  Stories, suggestions, and the all mighty photos!  All of which in earlier times had been unattainable to me!
So, remember, take time.  Create the relationship.  Build the trust.  Relish the outcomes!
Onward To Our Past,

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