Today’s Tip:  Don’t be shy.  Just ask!
Recently I was bemoaning my lack of progress with a branch of my family that hails from Kent, England.  They spent generations there in two small towns and I was struggling mightily with some dead ends and loose ends.
I had tried the Historical Society.  I had tried the local museum.  Not a whole lot of luck at either.
Then it struck me …. what about the local newspaper?
I went online, found the local paper, wrote up a bit of a story about the family and my search and simply asked the head reporter if he might use it.  Sure enough, in this case, he is going to polish it up and run it!  Don’t know the circulation, but it should get some folks seeing the names and my needs that I could not get to anyother way!
So …. if you get an idea …. don’t be shy …. just ask and try!  
It can’t hurt …. and who knows what might result!
Onward To Our Past,

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