Today’s Tip:  Try a little holiday-party-gathering subterfuge if necessary to get some fun family information!
If you are like me, there are many family members who simply seem to not want to provide much fun information for your family tree portrait for them.  Some I ask, beg, cajole, whine, whimper, but no go!  
So ….. I used a bit of fun subterfuge at our last family gathering.
We always like to play a couple of games when we gather, so I offered to do one for the family.
I printed up simple sheets of paper.  One column with ten questions listed.  The object of the game was for each person to answer the questions truthfully and then without names on the sheets, each was read aloud and then everyone voted on whose sheet that one was.  It went over big!  Everyone enjoyed it!  Then when each person ‘fessed up to their sheet, I noted their name on it and taped it on the wall so we could see them all.
The questions were simple, but fun:
What is your:
Favorite color:
Favorite pet:
Favorite song:
Favorite place to vacation:
Favorite book:
Favorite time of year:
Favorite holiday:
Favorite famous person:
Favorite famous building:
Favorite place to recharge or chill out:
When the vist was over, I quickly collected the sheets and rather than tossing them away, I kept them all.  Transcribed the information for each person, and BINGO, I had a fun little outline of each person for our tree!
Hey, there is more than one way to get family information! After all, we are genealogists 🙂  
Onward To Our Past,

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