Today’s Tip:  No matter what …. Embrace and Keep Your Passion!
I had a curious thing happen yesterday.  I was working with someone on some marketing issues and they told me to ‘lose the passion’.  
Now, someone talking about me being passionate was not a big surprise.  I am a passionate person and I tend to let it show.  I guess that is just my make-up.  While I am not a zealot, I am passionate about certain things in my life.  I am passionate about my wife, my children and my grandchildren!  I am passionate about family.  I was passionate about an organization I used to raise money for.  I am passionate about certain aspects of genealogy, I will admit to that too!  
I was told that my passion would ‘get in the way’.  That I needed to be more reserved, calm, and agreeable.  This person went on to say I had to ignore things I disagreed with so people ‘thought I liked them more, so they would like me more and I would be more popular’. 
Good grief!  I will tell you all here ….. do not read my writing if you just want someone who will be bland, calm, and agreeable all the time just to be liked or to be more popular!  While I am a postive person by nature, I also follow my passion, embrace it, and let it show from time to time!
If I think something is wrong, I’ll say so.  If I think a product or service or organization is short-changing their customers, I’ll say so!  If I think something is wonderful, I’ll sing about it to the rafters!  If I am passionate about something I will give it 100% and do the best I can for it at all times.  
I really believe that passion fuels my engine in a unique way and I love how it runs when it does!
While I supposed this person is right that my passion might not make me the most popular of fellows, it is way too much of who I am and I would really rather follow my passion than live my life in some strange ‘popularity contest’ of wishy-washy fakeness.  
So stay tuned and you will benefit from my passion.  I am sure you may not always agree with me, but you will at least know where I stand!  My passion has served me well in the past and no matter what, I am NOT about to ‘lose it’!  My passion is what gets me up and going many days, and that is a very good thing!
Being passionate has served me well in my life. It has given me purpose, drive, and I have discovered things that would have not have ended up being a part of my life had I not been passionate.
My advice:  If you are passionate about something …. BE PASSIONATE!  It is far better to care a bit too much than not to care enough!
Life without passion would be WAY too boring, no matter how many people might like you, or me, as a result!
Onward To Our Past,

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