Tomorrow is the 67th anniversary of the landings at Normandy during World War II.

My dad came ashore at Omaha Beach.  Proceeded to fight his way across Europe and into Germany up to the end of the war.  He was one of the lucky ones, he came home.

Not so lucky in that for nine months he was a Graves Registration Officer, the most brutal, sad, frightening work he ever had to do as he said to me (only once) in later years.

Years later I would be blessed to get to Omaha Beach with my father on a family trip.  It was one of the most moving places I have ever visited.  Truly overwhelming.

At times like this ….. I really miss my dad!

Onward To Our Past,


  1. Nancy Reply

    What a touching post, Scott. I sometimes wonder how the men who fought in WWII managed when they got home after seeing so much destruction and how they were able to "forget" what they saw a live normal lives. They were all heroes!

  2. Scott Phillips Reply


    He was also a 'liberator'. His unit was the first unit into Langenstein Concentration Camp. A horror he also only talked about one time. Yes, they are all heroes!

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