Today’s Tip:  Volunteer right from your home!  No muss, no fuss, no gas bills, no wear and tear except on your fingers!

Like almost everyone who works in genealogy and family history, I use FamilySearch.org a lot!  All the time in fact!

So it was only natural for me to seek out how to help them.  First I found them on Facebook, then started to follow them on Twitter and saw how much there were getting done.  So I found the Family Search Indexing website and began!

Then I went online to  https://familysearch.org/volunteer/indexing and signed in and took the tour, gave it a trial run and then I was off and indexing!  

I had a blast, helped out a great organization and repaid a bit of the debt I owe them for all their work I use day in and day out!  Lots to pick from and you can set beginner, intermediate or advanced!  Plus if there is a project that is urgent, they highlight it in red so you can help with that one first if you want!

So ….. volunteer!  It is simple, easy, and a whale of a lot fun!

I would have done triple the number of records if I didn’t keep wanting to read them all …. just for the learning!  

I hope you will consider this great opportunity!

Onward To Our Past,

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