Before I began my genealogy work in earnest, I realized that some names in our family had fallen into disuse.  My paternal grandmother, INA, for example.  You just don’t see many Ina’s anymore.  There was my maternal grandmother, MAMIE.  Funny that I have many of folks with this forename, but to a person they used either a nickname or their middle name!  My mom tells the story that when her Uncles would call her Mom Mamie, she would get ‘spittin’ mad’!  Then there was my Aunt GLADYS.  You see it a bit more than INA and MAMIE, but it sure isn’t making the SSN annual list of ‘hot baby names’!  

On the other hand, my family did tend to follow historic naming conventions.  For several generations the sons in the Phillips clan were given their father’s forename as their middle name. Sure is nice now for genealogy and I love the connection to the past.  Unfortunately, the name SCOTT seems to have simply fallen from the sky for my parents to decide to use that forename on me!  
Now that I have been back several generations in my family, familiar names are a comfort.  A help.  A signpost or light helping often to point the way, or suggest I be wary of the direction I am heading.
In my recent work I have begun to once again discover a few names that you just don’t see much anymore!  
For generations there is the MORRISH middle name in my family.  Still haven’t found it’s entry point to the family, but it is there for generations ….. then poof ….. it is gone after my great Uncle’s death while he was fighting in Belgium in World War I.  Perhaps that is why it ended.
There are a few forenames that crop up and amaze me!  Just yesterday I found my first LOVEDAY.  Now that just isn’t a hugely popular name these days!

Equally surprising was finding my great-great Aunt, CINDERELLA!  

So as we work and get to know our families better, it sure is fun to see the names that stick and the names that disappear and often disappear quickly!  
Thanks for reading, enjoy your day, and
Onward To Our Past!
  1. Claudia's Genealogy Blog Reply

    My great aunts name was Mary and she was called Mamie.

  2. dee-burris Reply

    Just saw the article about your hunt for your mother's grandfather at Genealogybank.com.

    Congrats to you! I bet your mother was over the top with the information you found. Now that I've discovered your genealogy blog, I'm adding it to my reader to enjoy.

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