Today we complete our exclusive English translation of the 1878 article titled “The Biographies of Czech Editors in America” as originally published in the pages of Ame[...]
Today we bring you the final biography from the fabulous 1878 Amerikán Národní Kalendář article “The Biographies of Czech Editors in America” Today we have just a short[...]
We are back!  After our time off due to the loss of my wife, our translation and writing efforts are ready to be restarted.  Based on emotional ability we may be a bit erratic for [...]
Today we conclude the wonderful story of the Czech-American editor, František Zdrůbek!  We brought you this editor’s biography from the pages of the very first edition of Ame[...]
Welcome back to 1878!  Today we bring you the penultimate installment of the story of another Czech-American editor, this time it is František Zdrůbek.  Not only do we get to follo[...]
Another exclusive today!  Our article from 1878 on the impressive Czech-American editors across the United States at that time holds wonderful details and information on the Czech [...]
We are back in 1878 and bringing you more of the fabulous biographies of Czech-American editors as reported in the pages of that first edition of the priceless volumes of Amerikán [...]
We are loving 1878 and this fabulous article found in the very first edition of the priceless Czech-American journal, Amerikán Národní Kalendář! In our exclusive translation today [...]
All new and we are back in 1878 with another of our exclusive translations of the biographies of the early Czechoslav editors who toiled across the United States in those days. As [...]
All new today!  While we are continuing our exclusive translations from the pages of the annual Czech-American journal, Amerikan Národní Kalendar, today we bring you an all new bio[...]