Today we bring you an all new biography of one of the outstanding early Czech editors to work in the United States.  This is a continued part of the article from the 1878 edition ([...]
Today we conclude our biography on our second American Czechoslav editor in the series, which was featured in the pages of the very first edition (1878) of the priceless Czech gene[...]
We are back…way back…all the way back in 1878 with today’s continuing exclusive Amerikán Národní Kalendář translation! As you know, if you have been following alo[...]
We are back in 1878 with our exclusive translation from the wonderful article “Biographies of Czech Editors in America. Ladimír Klácel, Karel Jonáš, Václav Šnajdr, Lev J. Palda, Ja[...]
We have an amazing new exclusive starting for you today!  I know we tend to use more than a few superlatives in our work at bringing you the world’s only English translations[...]
Today we are pleased to bring you another translation (from the original Czech to English) from our exclusive project to translate the fabulous information found in the pages of th[...]
Genealogy & History Primer: The World of our Ancestors in 1878   At some point in either 1878 or perhaps before, Czech-American immigrant August Geringer of Chicago, Illinois m[...]
Czech Genealogy: 1878 ‘Brief Statistics from Czech Settlers Across America’ Full Version in pdf Exclusive Amerikán Národní Kalendář Volume: I, Year: 1878, Pages: 97-108[...]
Welcome to the final installment of our exclusive English translation of the wonderful survey of Czech immigrants and their communities across America in 1878 as compliled and publ[...]
Today we continue with our Amerikán Národní Kalendář survey of 1878 Czech immigrants and their communities.  It is only fitting today, September 11th, our translation features New [...]