Today we complete our exclusive translation of the 1899 Amerikán Národní Kalendář article “Memoirs of Czech Settlers in America” with two wonderful biographies! We know[...]
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ALL NEW EXCLUSIVE!  Yes, we have an all new exclusive today as we begin an entirely new section of our wonderful 1899 Amerikán Národní Kalendář article ‘Memoirs of Czech Sett[...]
We conclude our exclusive biography today of one early Czech immigrant to America and prepare to begin an all new exclusive story from a new 1899 Czech and an all new state in the [...]
We continue with our 1899 exclusive translation of ‘Memoirs of Czech Settlers in America’ today with our installment continuing the story of an amazing Czech immigrant [...]
All new today!  We are back in 1899 America as we begin another exclusive translation of one of the many marvelous biographies found in the annals of the Czech-American journal Ame[...]
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We begin an entirely new, exclusive translation from the 1899 edition of Amerikán Národní Kalendář.  This new biography is detailed, includes several surnames, and is another examp[...]
Today we continue our 1899 set of biographies from some of the very earliest Czech settlers as brought to us through the pages of the valuable, rare, and very hard to find editions[...]
Something new today!  Our author, in Amerikán Národní Kalendář, shifts gears a bit and takes us to a very early Czech  town in Wisconsin.  Originally named Wolf River, it was later[...]