Our Czechs (Moravians) are about to experience their first of the three Christmases Hugo Chotek referred to in his title! Our exclusive translation continues from the 1921 edition [...]
Our fabulous 1850s story of the Moravian Czechs in America continues today!  Our exclusive translation from the pages of the rare and hard-to-find Czech-American annual journal, Am[...]
Thanks to the talents of our terrific translation team of Mila Saskova-Pierce and Layne Pierce, the foresight of the editors and publisher of the Czech-American annual journal Amer[...]
Welcome to our continuing story from the 1921 annual edition (Volume XLIV) of the fabulous, rare, and never before translated to English Czech-American journal, Amerikan Národní Ka[...]
1850s America!  Czech immigrants arriving!  Our tremendously detailed and enjoyable story from Hugo Chotek and the pages of the wonderful Czech-American annual journal, Amerikán Ná[...]
Today we continue with our 1850s look at Czech (Moravian)  immigrants to America thanks to Czech-American author, Hugo Chotek, the annual Czech-American journal, Amerikán Národní K[...]
1805s America and the lives and times of Czech immigrants!  What a fabulous story brought to life from the pen of Czech-American author and newspaperman, Hugo Chotek, the translati[...]
America in the 1850s is our scene and we are reading about the lives of Czech immigrants to America over three years as written by the wonderful Czech-American newspaperman and aut[...]
Welcome back to our wonderful story of Czech immigrants in America in the 1850s.  We are proud to bring you our exclusive translation from Onward To Our Past® thanks to the phenome[...]
Czech Genealogy, Culture, & History: Exclusive 1921 Translation of “Three Christmases” by Hugo Chotek 1921.  Interestingly enough, the Czech-American newspaperman a[...]