Recently a couple of readers asked a very good question as they were reading the 1895 Hugo Chotek book on the early Cleveland, Ohio Bohemian (Czech) immigrant community,  translate[...]
Welcome back!  I am Scott Phillips of Onward To Our Past® genealogy services and this is the third in my series of four articles titled “Scott’s Tips for the ‘Real World’ Family Hi[...]
Today we have my final Genealogy Strategic Plan Goal – Communicate on a regular and frequent basis.   I can hear the cheering from here!  Yes, I am almost done with my tips f[...]
Today’s Tip:  Recognize and embrace the diversity you are bound to find in your family tree! Shortly after I began my genealogy work, I had a rather depressing discussion wit[...]
Today’s Goal #6 is simple:  If you are going to do this, do this right, so DOCUMENT, DOCUMENT, DOCUMENT! That means you should have as a goal to document each of your finding[...]
Today’s Tip is Goal #5: Focus on How to Maximize and Increase Family Participation While I knew I personally loved family history and genealogy, I also knew that many in the [...]
Today’s Tip is Goal #4 — Be Expansive and Include ALL Branches of the Family When I began my genealogical adventure, I was pretty focused on my blood line.  Then I star[...]
My third goal for genealogy is one that also might apply to many folks reading here.  Accessibility!   Not too long ago, genealogy had a tendency to culminate in either a family Bi[...]
I am sure you all know the old saw ‘if you don’t have a plan, that’s your plan’.  Well, I am here with Today’s Tip and it is this: In genealogy and yo[...]
Today’s Tip:  If you see an error, take the time to submit your correction and leave those records in a bit better condition than you found them. Today I submitted six c[...]