Complete!  Our story about the wonderful, but little remembered, Czech cookbook from 1896, its chef, Emanuel Beránek, his obituary and life’s story from the 1921 edition of t[...]
Czech Genealogy & Culture: An Exclusive Translation and Classic 1896 Czech Cookbook Now that we have finished the translation of the story of the fabulous Czech chef, author, a[...]
1921!  We continue with our exclusive translation from the pages of the wonderful volumes of the irreplaceable Amerikán Národní Kalendář!  This is awesome Czech history and Czech-A[...]
Our exclusive translation from 1921 continues today with more on the life and times of one of the most notable Czech chefs and cookbook authors in America at that time! This story [...]
Now that we have provided a bit of background on the wonderful 1896 cookbook written by Emanual Beránek and published by August Geringer, we move on to something just as exciting. [...]
So where do we begin?  Do we start with the story of Beránek’s life first or do we begin with the cookbook?  Decisions, decisions!   Well, that was an easy one!  We will start[...]
Czech Genealogy & Culture: An Exclusive Translation and a Classic 1896 Czech Cookbook   Food and family history!  A combination that goes together like bacon and eggs or k[...]