Cornish Genealogy and A Diaspora Profile: The Thomas Phillips Allen Family — Perranzabuloe to Ishpeming — From Cornish to Yupper. Many of my ancestors were a part of th[...]
Genealogy and the Cornish Diaspora Diaspora: “A noun from the Greek, diaspeirein, meaning to scatter; the movement, migration, or scattering of people away from an established or a[...]
This story comes to us from The Telegraph in the United Kingdom. A coming DNA report will be showing that the Cornish and Welsh are the ‘truest Britons’! Like those of [...]
If you follow Onward To Our Past on our Facebook page (Click here) you know we all have been talking about family history, genealogy and FOOD!  Particularly family recipes. Often f[...]
Today’s Tip For The *Real World* Genealogist is especially cool for our Cornish Cousins, the Cornish Global Migration Programme.  My tip is to get to know the CGMP! Murdoch H[...]