Genealogy Tip O’ the Day: Get off your duff to find the really good stuff! I’ll be the first to say I love how much genealogy information is on the Internet now. It’s lovely and it[...]
Cornish Genealogy: Digging up your ancestors and the fun of discovery My grandfather (or Gramps as he preferred), E. G. Phillipps (1888-1970), which he changed to Phillips ‘on the [...]
Cornish Genealogy and A Diaspora Profile: The Thomas Phillips Allen Family — Perranzabuloe to Ishpeming — From Cornish to Yupper. Many of my ancestors were a part of th[...]
There is much value to be gained by ‘going deep’ in our family history, genealogy, and the history of the times in which those ancestors lived their lives. I recently uncovered an [...]
Genealogy and the Cornish Diaspora Diaspora: “A noun from the Greek, diaspeirein, meaning to scatter; the movement, migration, or scattering of people away from an established or a[...]
Genealogy and Churchyards always go together
As first published in the Huffington Post United Kingdom: I am quick to admit that the current economic times are challenging and that this is especially true for many of the ancie[...]
This story comes to us from The Telegraph in the United Kingdom. A coming DNA report will be showing that the Cornish and Welsh are the ‘truest Britons’! Like those of [...]
Our genealogy community lost a real gem today. I am sad to report that hours ago Susan Old of Cornwall passed away. Susan was extremely well-known by most who have done any work on[...]
CELEBRATE!  CELEBRATE! They are up ….. and they are live! Onward To Our Past® is pleased to announce that three new Resource Pages have been added to the website/blog! One co[...]
Not too long to wait now!  Onward To Our Past® is pleased to make the following announcement: We will be launching new pages here for the website soon, possibly later today! One fo[...]