Genealogy of the Earliest Cleveland Bohemians: Connecting Ancestry to Today  In 1894, Bohemian-American newspaperman and author, Hugo Chotek, did something quite marvelous for gene[...]
If you have been following my work here in genealogy, ancestry, and family history, you know that my firm, Onward To Our Past® recently completed a year-long project to translate H[...]
Just a day or two ago, I was informed by Mila Rechcigl that he has a new book about to go to print.  Mila is past president and currently Scholar-in-Residence for the SVU or Czecho[...]
Recently a couple of readers asked a very good question as they were reading the 1895 Hugo Chotek book on the early Cleveland, Ohio Bohemian (Czech) immigrant community,  translate[...]
I love, love, love the collaborative nature of the genealogy community!  It is truly wonderful when you run into a problem, a question, or a remote need that so often there is some[...]