Today we complete our exclusive English translation of the 1878 article titled “The Biographies of Czech Editors in America” as originally published in the pages of Ame[...]
Today we bring you the final biography from the fabulous 1878 Amerikán Národní Kalendář article “The Biographies of Czech Editors in America” Today we have just a short[...]
We are back!  After our time off due to the loss of my wife, our translation and writing efforts are ready to be restarted.  Based on emotional ability we may be a bit erratic for [...]
Today we offer Installment #2 of our wonderful exclusive translation of “The Biographies of Czech Editors in America”.  If you missed Installment #1, click here and cat[...]
We have an amazing new exclusive starting for you today!  I know we tend to use more than a few superlatives in our work at bringing you the world’s only English translations[...]