Please take note of this important call for input!  You could be part of a phenomenal undertaking for the future of Czech-American genealogy and history! Mila is doing amazing work[...]
Amerikán Národní Kalendář: A Unique and Wonderful Czech Genealogy Resource Some things in Bohemian (Czech) genealogy simply shouldn’t be ignored and a significant one of them is th[...]
Augustin Heřman: The First of the First Bohemians-Americans on American Shores Part One Someone always has to be first. First up to bat. First to go off the high dive at the munici[...]
Chapter Five, Part Five of “The Genealogy & History of the Original Bohemians (Czechs) in Cleveland, Ohio, USA” Searching for the Genealogy of Our Adam Family! But what of Gust[...]
The following is an original, copyrighted work by Scott Phillips, Genealogical Historian and owner of Onward To Our Past® Genealogy Services Company.  This is Chapter One of The Ge[...]