Genealogy & History of the Original Bohemians (Czechs) in Cleveland   Chapter Three: Taking Stock of and Sifting the Data  Eight resources, all referencing an original 15 or 16[...]
Chapter Two: Identifying the Original Sixteen   Now we know a bit more about what the city of Cleveland was like when our first Bohemians arrived as immigrant settlers.  However, w[...]
Onward To Our Past® is pleased to announce the availability of the third genealogy resource in their series of first English translations of original Czech works outlining the Czec[...]
In Genealogy the Devil is the Detail: A Case On Point With Francis Dvornik One of the things I like most about genealogy and family history is how, every so often, it sneakily teac[...]
Just a day or two ago, I was informed by Mila Rechcigl that he has a new book about to go to print.  Mila is past president and currently Scholar-in-Residence for the SVU or Czecho[...]
Onward To Our Past Genealogy Services is proud to present, exclusively here on our website, the first and only English translation of the Hugo Chotek history book written about the[...]
Final Section Eleven of Genealogy and History Resource Translation Pages 151 to end Prokopa, Martina, Petra No. 2., Bratrstva [Brotherhood]: Štěpána Krále [King], St. Augustina, La[...]
Section Ten of the Genealogy and History Translation for Czech and Bohemia Pages 136 to 150) At this meeting it was ruled to publish a contact name for the convenience of Czech vis[...]
Section Nine of Czech/Bohemian History Book Translation Pages 123 to 135 Acceptance wasn’t a problem, the club becoming Equality Order No. 6350 of the federation on October 2[...]
Section Eight of the Hugo Chotek English Translation for Genealogy and History Pages 109 to 122   Of roughly 200 students attending the school, 50 are in the third grade, 60 i[...]