While today’s tip might not be every one’s cup of tea, it is the system I use and have had significant success with in my genealogy efforts.  I have as a goal to spend [...]
I have been doing a lot of thinking this week.  These thoughts have come to me again and again, ever since Peter DOBROVOLNY spoke to me in the foyer of Bohemian National Hall in Cl[...]
  Today’s Tip is pretty simple and one that you all most likely already know:  Remember as you do your work, that to draw in family, we must be about much more than name[...]
  As you may have seen in my post yesterday, I found a truly wonderful find on my one Bohemian family branch.  A whole page interview with him by a well-respected Czech author[...]
Then I understood …. I really love the adage I saw on a calendar once: “I used to have a life. Then I started doing genealogy.”  However, for me it was almost the polar opposite.  [...]
  Today’s Tip:  Do not overlook Academic journals as a source of some excellent genealogical information. While it is often easy to assume that the major companies are s[...]
Today’s Tip:  Do not forget to capture the culture of the city, area, or region of each of your ancestral branches. I have been having a lot of fun lately as I have work[...]
Today’s Tip:  Include the pets! This holiday I had occasion to talk with a very reluctant elder of our family who thinks ‘the past is the past.  Who cares?[...]
We have a great interview today in the Onward To Our Past® Genealogy interview series!  Quite often I have spoken here, and elsewhere, about a really amazing group of voluntee[...]