As an industry, genealogy is making a huge mistake, I believe.  Somewhere along the way many in this area of work have decided that numbers are what it is all about.  Big[...]
Today’s Tip:  Be an empathetic family historian and genealogist! As we move through our work, and the lives of others, we MUST remember to be sensitive! Something happen[...]
Today’s Tip:  Trust your gut, even though sometimes ‘that feeling’ is just from the cold pizza the night before that you ate for breakfast!   (ASIDE: &n[...]
Today’s Tip:  Capture Stories, Stories, Stories ….. but don’t call it ‘oral history’ 🙂 Simple tip today that you all are most likely doing alread[...]
Good morning!  Today’s tip:  Be a good Society/Club member and invest a bit of yourself along with your dues. If you are like me, you are a member of at least one G[...]
Today’s Tip:  I suggest getting a White Board if you don’t have one. I am a visual person and have a tendancy to try to multi-task more than I can sometimes reason[...]
Today’s Tip is one of my favorites:  Make your family tree your own Family Social Network! When I was growing up, our entire family lived wthin blocks of each other in O[...]
Today’s Tip:  Capture those adages! My Nana had a million sayings!  She used them all the time and pretty soon, there I was saying them too! “Find a pin and p[...]
Today’s Tip is:  Buy yourself an old-style kitchen timer …. the kind with the loud bell that goes off when time expires. In a perfect world (at least for me) I wou[...]
I think today’s tip is perfect for a Sunday:  Remember to keep the joy in genealogy! There are many things in life that go better with a Positive Mental Attitude (PMA). [...]