Today’s Tip: If you find that you have ancestors from smaller, rural towns watch for centennial, quasquicentennial, etc. books! They can be a huge help to you! I recently was[...]
Today’s Tip is for those of you who have veterans in your trees. Military Records can really hold a treasure trove of great information! They take awhile to get, but WOW can [...]
I know today’s tip is a bit pricy, I know …. at $27.00 a pop, you need to think before you do this one, but it has been a brickwall-buster for me at times and worth the[...]
Back to the cemetery today!   Today’s Tip:  Ask for a section ownership list from the cemetery for the section your ancestor is resting in. Often times, I have foun[...]
today’s Tip:  Don’t forget Castle Garden! If you are working on immigrants to the U.S. and they came to the United States early, don’t forget the Castle Gard[...]
Today’s Tip:  Don’t forget the mortuary! Not too long ago, I was struggling with finding some evidence that would tie together a cousin who changed his surname [...]
Check out http://www.mutualinspirations.org/.  This is the website for the celebrations marking the 170th birthday of Antonin Dvorak. Looks like some great events, super [...]
Good day all! Today’s tip comes from an experience I just had, but one I keep forgetting! Today’s Tip:  Don’t forget to investigate those hotlinks embedded in gen[...]
Saving and organizing my family trees, photos, and documents has always been a challenge for me. I am sure it is for some of you as well. Sometimes it seems overwhelming to me! So [...]
In this time of instant communication and so many of our genealogy resources online for quick access, not everything is! Today’s tip is: Take the time to investigate Court Do[...]