Hi all!  Sorry I have been absent for a few days here.  I have been over on the Facebook page, but that is no excuse I know. Lately I have grown tired of looking at multiple geneal[...]
Happy Sunday morning everyone! With the power of the Internet all around us, all the time, I wanted to suggest that we all not forget the power of a simple shout out!  After all, g[...]
Here in the States, this Monday, May 30th is a very important day for everyone, but in my mind, especially those of us who are interested in family history and genealogy.  Yes[...]
With a recent discovery in the archive in Prague, I have been working on the first branch of my family who landed in Iowa.  My first cousin, 4x removed, a Knechtl.  [...]
Sometimes it is right to follow your heart!    I have always loved to write and here I am being able to not only write, but write on a subject that is near and dear to my heart, ge[...]
Hi all! I have decided to use an online library catalog system for my genealogy reference and research books. After looking at several of the options, I decided to use LibraryThing[...]