I have a bone to pick with certain folks in the ‘genealogy community’.  I feel that if I do not state my piece and stake my claim to my feelings, they will fester and e[...]
The following is the article that was recently published on Huffington Post, United Kingdom.  It garnered quite a bit of reaction, good and contrary.  Fine with me!  Its purpose wa[...]
YMCA Indian Guides time.
Onward To Our Past®: Genealogy, Ancestry, and Family History Advice for the Newbie   When I first began my genealogy, ancestry, and family history work I discovered that I was the [...]
Memorial Day – Decoration Day: Please Do Not Forget Why. Memorial Day is this coming weekend here in the United States.  It is one of our treasured ‘long weekends’ and is a b[...]
As we prepare to celebrate Mothers’ Day I have seen a few discussions on whether or not it is properly titled as “Mother’s Day” or “Mothers’ Day”.  As Mrs. Grott, one of my earlies[...]
If you have been following my work here in genealogy, ancestry, and family history, you know that my firm, Onward To Our Past® recently completed a year-long project to translate H[...]
Here I am again, in the role of your Genealogy Diogenes.  (Diogenes was an ancient Greek who gained fame by the story that he took to walking the streets with a lamp  ‘search[...]
Just the other day, I received one of those mail calls that we, as family historians and genealogist, LOVE. I went to the mailbox and there inside was a lovely, large, thick, manil[...]
Just a day or two ago, I was informed by Mila Rechcigl that he has a new book about to go to print.  Mila is past president and currently Scholar-in-Residence for the SVU or Czecho[...]
I was recently reading a genealogy-oriented blog that was titled something about it being this author’s annual ‘fine print‘ edition.  I decided to actually read t[...]