Welcome back!  I am Scott Phillips of Onward To Our Past® genealogy services and this is the third in my series of four articles titled “Scott’s Tips for the ‘Real World’ Family Hi[...]
Thank goodness the world of news reporting switched from hand-written Avvisi, which were some of the first hand-written newsletters that appeared in Europe, to the first printed ne[...]
Scott’s Continuing “Real World” Tips for Genealogists/Family Historians: Second in the Series Hi everyone!  This is edition number two of my four-part series on my ‘Real World’ tip[...]
Onward To Our Past Genealogy Services is proud to present, exclusively here on our website, the first and only English translation of the Hugo Chotek history book written about the[...]
I love, love, love the collaborative nature of the genealogy community!  It is truly wonderful when you run into a problem, a question, or a remote need that so often there is some[...]
Genealogy is an intensely personal pursuit.  At least it is for me. When I look back at what it was that triggered my interest and love of genealogy, it was a very personal issue; [...]
We all love to get tips on how to be better, more effective, efficient, etc. This is sure true for me when I am doing my genealogy and family history work.  Unfortunately, I have f[...]
Good day to all!  I hope you are all enjoying the craziness that is March weather.  We went from the 50s to the teens with 12 inches of snow and soon back up to the 40s now.  Ah we[...]
Information in Genealogy is key!
We all run into ‘homers’ from time to time.  Homers, in sports, are those people who are blindly loyal to their home team, no matter what.  In my mind things that go hand-in-hand w[...]
Scott’s Seven Simple Steps to Genealogy Society Success!   Almost everyone I know who is into genealogy belongs to at least one Genealogy Society.  If you are a genealogy aficionad[...]