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Final Section Eleven of Genealogy and History Resource Translation Pages 151 to end Prokopa, Martina, Petra No. 2., Bratrstva [Brotherhood]: Štěpána Krále [King], St. Augustina, La[...]
Section Ten of the Genealogy and History Translation for Czech and Bohemia Pages 136 to 150) At this meeting it was ruled to publish a contact name for the convenience of Czech vis[...]
Section Two: Bohemian/Czech Genealogy Book by Hugo Chotek Translation pages 21 to 40. The city is home to some 35,000 Czechs, probably more, of which about 13,000 reside in the 17t[...]
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Early Czech gathering in Cleveland, Ohio
Bohemian Settlers and Their Social Life in Cleveland, Ohio, North America. Published in 1895 by Cleveland Bohemians for the Prague Ethnographic Institute.  Liberty (1895) BEGINNING[...]
MyHeritage Announces Record Match Offering for Genealogy
Discoveries made easy: Millions of MyHeritage users to automatically receive relevant newspaper clippings and historical records, adding color to their family history. PROVO, Utah [...]