Minnesota example for genealogy in Minnesota!
  Today, Ancestry.com announced the following for all of us genealogy and family history nuts:   “The number is now 100, as in 100 percent of the 1940 U.S. Federal [...]
Genealogy Gold in the newspapers for family history
So ….. my newest article is posted on the blog at GenealogyBank.com. I think you will enjoy the current story.  After last week’s story that featured Minnie the Elephan[...]
GenealogyBank.com and Onward To Our Past Genealogy Services partnering for blog articles.
It was announced today by GenealogyBank.com that I, Scott Phillips, will be writing a column for their blog every Monday! I will be the featured guest columnist each Monday on thei[...]
College of Arms is a great genealogy resource
Quite by chance, I recently made a discovery of a good asset for genealogy that I had previously been unaware of.  It is the College of Arms in London, United Kingdom.   From [...]
Jan Hus is a significant figure in history and genealogy if you have Czech family history.
HAPPY JAN HUS DAY! July 6th marks Jan Hus Day in the Czech Republic and around the world if you are of Czech heritage! We celebrate today as Jan Hus Day, in recognition of his deat[...]
Gathering information for our family trees from our fellow family members can often be a challenge. For several years now, I have used a simple tool at my work when I need to intro[...]
Announcing the next Family History Recipe à la Genealogy! Here we go!  I am pleased to announce that the Family Heritage Food and Recipe Page of Onward To Our Past® is live and ava[...]
391 years ago today it was Bloody Sunday in Bohemia.   History and Genealogy Collide in Bohemia today. Bloody Sunday occurred shortly after the Battle of White Mountain.   The Batt[...]
Here it comes!  The unique Cleveland Czech Project is almost done!  It’s on the way! As you may recall, Onward To Our Past® Genealogy and Family History Services has been har[...]
This story comes to us from The Telegraph in the United Kingdom. A coming DNA report will be showing that the Cornish and Welsh are the ‘truest Britons’! Like those of [...]