Today’s Tip:  To get results don’t forget to use a fork in your research. I figure whoever invented the folk had a reason for putting all those tines on it.  [...]
Today’s Tip:  Don’t forget the family love stories! Some of the best stories for us to capture as family historians are the family love stories!   As I trace [...]
Today’s Tip: Scour those close out aisles and the dollar stores …. and find those disposable cameras!   Today I was in my local pharmacy and on the end of one aisl[...]
Today’s Tip:  Don’t forget the in-laws! Someone asked me today why I spend time researching so many of the lines in my tree that marry into each family. It was cle[...]
Today’s Tip:  Hold a contest! Every so often my family begins to lose interest in my genealogy work.  HEY!  I know!  How could they do that?  🙂  [...]
Today’s Tip:  Capture Stories, Stories, Stories ….. but don’t call it ‘oral history’ 🙂 Simple tip today that you all are most likely doing alread[...]
Today’s Tip:  Capture those adages! My Nana had a million sayings!  She used them all the time and pretty soon, there I was saying them too! “Find a pin and p[...]