As I said yesterday, I believe a very useful aspect to family history/genealogy to have a simple strategic plan.  It really helps you focus on what it is you want to accomplish wit[...]
Today’s Tip:  Study up for the 1940 US Census! As the old saying goes: This isn’t your grandfather’s Census, even if it is! With the rush to get the 1940 out[...]
Today’s Tip:  Start to establish your plan of attack for the 1940 Census now. Well, here we are …. 2012 and just 89 days until the 1940 US Census is released for u[...]
Today’s Tip: DO NOT listen to those who preach the end of Genealogy Societies. I have read a lot recently about how the Internet is the death of local genealogical societies.[...]
We all LOVE our genealogy! If you are like me, it is one of your most prized possessions! You have spent countless hours, days, maybe years working on it! It is a treasured possess[...]