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Chapter Four: The Genealogy and Family History of the NOVAK (NOWAK) Family: Part One    As you have read in Chapters One, Two, and Three you know that we have at this point searc[...]
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Genealogy & History of the Original Bohemians (Czechs) in Cleveland   Chapter Three: Taking Stock of and Sifting the Data  Eight resources, all referencing an original 15 or [...]
Chapter Two: Identifying the Original Sixteen   Now we know a bit more about what the city of Cleveland was like when our first Bohemians arrived as immigrant settlers.  However,[...]
The following is an original, copyrighted work by Scott Phillips, Genealogical Historian and owner of Onward To Our Past® Genealogy Services Company.  This is Chapter One of Th[...]
Genealogy of the Earliest Cleveland Bohemians: Connecting Ancestry to Today  In 1894, Bohemian-American newspaperman and author, Hugo Chotek, did something quite marvelous for gen[...]
In Genealogy New Is Good, but Old Can Be Better!   Genealogy, like everything in life, is in a state of constant change.  Very much like the old adage “the only thing constant [...]
Onward To Our Past® is pleased to announce the availability of the third genealogy resource in their series of first English translations of original Czech works outlining the Cze[...]