Hugo Chotek Translation for Genealogy and History Section Six Pages 82 to 95 Father Malech presides over the community, brings joy to his flock and is well liked by all. So in less[...]
Hugo Chotek Genealogy and History Translation Section Five Pages 69 to 81 On that day Cleveland’s Czechs, in particular the members of Slovanská Lípa, celebrated with great f[...]
Genealogy and History Translation Section Four Pages 56 to 68   A total of 89 members have been accepted into the order since its founding until July 27 of 1894, a period of n[...]
391 years ago today it was Bloody Sunday in Bohemia.   History and Genealogy Collide in Bohemia today. Bloody Sunday occurred shortly after the Battle of White Mountain.   The Batt[...]
Here it comes!  The unique Cleveland Czech Project is almost done!  It’s on the way! As you may recall, Onward To Our Past® Genealogy and Family History Services has been har[...]
The other day I wrote about Mark Kurlansky‘s lovely book “The Food of a Younger Land: a portrait of American food – before the national highway system. before cha[...]
Today is the anniversary of D-Day, June 6, 1944 My father came ashore on Omaha Beach.  He came on a craft just like this.  His LCVP (Landing Craft,Vehicle, Personnel) hit a sandbar[...]
I said things would be different! I don’t know about you, but food is pretty intricately woven into my family history!  Ever since my childhood two of very very favorite food[...]
For those of you here who have Bohemian (Czech) roots or just an interest in this intriguing country, I offer the following brief bits of historic information on Bohemia.  I hope t[...]
While today’s tip might not be every one’s cup of tea, it is the system I use and have had significant success with in my genealogy efforts.  I have as a goal to spend [...]