Genealogy and the Cornish Diaspora Diaspora: “A noun from the Greek, diaspeirein, meaning to scatter; the movement, migration, or scattering of people away from an established or a[...]
Genealogy & History of the Original Bohemians (Czechs) in Cleveland   Chapter Three: Taking Stock of and Sifting the Data  Eight resources, all referencing an original 15 or 16[...]
Recently a couple of readers asked a very good question as they were reading the 1895 Hugo Chotek book on the early Cleveland, Ohio Bohemian (Czech) immigrant community,  translate[...]
Onward To Our Past Genealogy Services is proud to present, exclusively here on our website, the first and only English translation of the Hugo Chotek history book written about the[...]
Hugo Chotek Translation for Genealogy and History Section Six Pages 82 to 95 Father Malech presides over the community, brings joy to his flock and is well liked by all. So in less[...]
Hugo Chotek Genealogy and History Translation Section Five Pages 69 to 81 On that day Cleveland’s Czechs, in particular the members of Slovanská Lípa, celebrated with great f[...]
Genealogy and History Translation Section Four Pages 56 to 68   A total of 89 members have been accepted into the order since its founding until July 27 of 1894, a period of n[...]
  As you may have seen in my post yesterday, I found a truly wonderful find on my one Bohemian family branch.  A whole page interview with him by a well-respected Czech author[...]
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Today’s Tip:  Remeber that not every immigrant to the United States came via Ellis Island! Following up on yesterday’s tip about Castle Garden being the main New Y[...]