Welcome back to 1934 and the story we have been translating of one Czech, his life and times in 1800s Bohemia, and now we move across the ocean with he and his family as they decid[...]
Today we are celebrating a Czech Christmas back in 1850!  Plus we move into Section Two of the wonderful Hugo Chotek story, “Three Christmases”.  We jump ahead in time [...]
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Onward To Our Past® is pleased to bring you today’s installment of our exclusive genealogy biographic translation from the 1898 edition of the Czech-American annual journal A[...]
Onward To Our Past® is pleased to present today’s installment of our exclusive translation of “Czech Settlements in Minnesota and Their Settlers” (Česká Osada v M[...]
Today Onward To Our Past® is pleased to present our ongoing exclusive English translation from the 1897 edition of the Czech genealogy fount, Amerikán Národní Kalendář. This ten-pa[...]