We are back!  Back in the 1800s in America with our fabulous autobiography of a Czech family as they search for their dreams and future! Having left Bohemia, we have followed this [...]
Today we bring you a truly marvelous, exclusive biography of another of our early Czech immigrants from the pages of the 1904 edition of the Czech-American annual journal, Amerikán[...]
We continue with our 1899 exclusive translation of ‘Memoirs of Czech Settlers in America’ today with our installment continuing the story of an amazing Czech immigrant [...]
Welcome back to our continuing exclusive translation of the 1878 Amerikan Národní Kalendář article “STRUČNÁ STATISTIKA: Osad, míst a okresů ve Spojených Státech Čechy obydlen[...]
Today, Onward To Our Past® is pleased to present our continuing translation of “Paměti českých osadníků v Americe” or “Memoirs of Czech Settlers in America” found in the 1898 editi[...]
Onward To Our Past® is pleased to present today’s installment of our exclusive English translation of the 1897 article “The 11th Congress of the Brotherhood of Č.S.P.S.[...]