Czech Culture, History, Food, and Family: Knedlíky and the Work of Dr. Haldis Haukanes During my research for our recent series on knedlíky (if you missed it you can read it simply[...]
As is our custom, after we have completed an article we first published here on the Onward To Our Past® Genealogy & History Services Company website, we combine all those insta[...]
Knedlíky Terminology for the Colossal Knedlíky! ◾ knedlíky – dumpling staple of Bohemia and the Czech Republic, plural ◾ knedl – singular form of knedlíky ◾ ovocné kned[...]
The Czech King: The Colossal Knedlíky If you have Bohemian (Czech) ancestry, there is a very good chance you love potatoes!  While this vegetable is often times referred to as ‘low[...]