We continue our exclusive translation from 1904 today!  We complete one biography and bring you a second — this time of a female Czech immigrant who lived to be 103!  How is [...]
Continuing our fabulous exclusive translation today from the 1904 edition of the pages of the amazing annual editions of Amerikán Národní Kalendář! Today’s story is amazingly[...]
Here we go!  Welcome back to 1904 and a brand new wonderful Amerikán Národní Kalendář story of the life and times of an early Czech immigrant to America!  We are in a new state wit[...]
Today’s exclusive translation contains some truly amazing details regarding the conscription of Bohemian men into the armies of the Austro-Hungarian monarchy.  Sent to fight [...]
Welcome to another Onward To Our Past® Genealogy & History Company’s exclusive English translation from the pages of the wonderful Czech-American annual journal, Amerikán[...]
Welcome back to 1904 and an all new, exclusive translation from the pages of the Czech-American annual journal, Amerikán Národní Kalendář. Today we bring you our newest biography o[...]
1904 America again!  Another new biography of a Czech immigrant, which describes their life, times, and experiences. Thankfully the details are often rich and wonderful in these st[...]
We continue!  As you know we are in 1904 America and following the biographies of several Czech immigrants who had their stories published in that year’s edition of the great[...]
Welcome back to our exclusive translation of a wonderful Amerikán Národní Kalendář article from 1904!  Today we are pleased to bring you installment #3. After our first installment[...]
Welcome to the second installment, and second complete story, of a Czech immigrant from our exclusive translation of the 1904 article “The Memories of Czech Settlers in Ameri[...]