Good day to all!  I hope you are all enjoying the craziness that is March weather.  We went from the 50s to the teens with 12 inches of snow and soon back up to the 40s now.  Ah we[...]
Final Section Eleven of Genealogy and History Resource Translation Pages 151 to end Prokopa, Martina, Petra No. 2., Bratrstva [Brotherhood]: Štěpána Krále [King], St. Augustina, La[...]
Section Ten of the Genealogy and History Translation for Czech and Bohemia Pages 136 to 150) At this meeting it was ruled to publish a contact name for the convenience of Czech vis[...]
Section Nine of Czech/Bohemian History Book Translation Pages 123 to 135 Acceptance wasn’t a problem, the club becoming Equality Order No. 6350 of the federation on October 2[...]
Section Eight of the Hugo Chotek English Translation for Genealogy and History Pages 109 to 122   Of roughly 200 students attending the school, 50 are in the third grade, 60 i[...]
Czech and Bohemian Resource Chotek Book English Translation Section Seven Pages 96 to 108 The club organized two balls in 1891, both of which were successful. Because we lack the r[...]
Hugo Chotek Translation for Genealogy and History Section Six Pages 82 to 95 Father Malech presides over the community, brings joy to his flock and is well liked by all. So in less[...]
Genealogy and History Translation Section Four Pages 56 to 68   A total of 89 members have been accepted into the order since its founding until July 27 of 1894, a period of n[...]
Section Three of Genealogy and History Book Translation Pages 41 to 55   Brother Vác. Šafář donated a voting box to the order, while brother F. P. Pešek donated a stand for th[...]
Early Czech gathering in Cleveland, Ohio
Bohemian Settlers and Their Social Life in Cleveland, Ohio, North America. Published in 1895 by Cleveland Bohemians for the Prague Ethnographic Institute.  Liberty (1895) BEGINNING[...]