Our Genealogy Translation Partner: KENAX Translations! As I posted the other day, we are getting ready to launch the first of the original translation sections on the Hugo Chotek a[...]
Here it comes!  The unique Cleveland Czech Project is almost done!  It’s on the way! As you may recall, Onward To Our Past® Genealogy and Family History Services has been har[...]
The other day I wrote about Mark Kurlansky‘s lovely book “The Food of a Younger Land: a portrait of American food – before the national highway system. before cha[...]
Today’s Tip:  ObitMessenger can be a nice help. Once again, I found a nice little piece of technology that helps me out and may help you too. If you are like me, you hav[...]
Today’s Tip:  Don’t forget the County Recorders Office! While not everyone purchases real estate, a lot of our ancestors did.  So don’t forget to check [...]
Today’s Tip is for those of you with ancestors in the Cleveland, Ohio area and who need help with a marriage issue. There are two sites that when you work them in combination[...]
Today’s Tip:  Remeber that not every immigrant to the United States came via Ellis Island! Following up on yesterday’s tip about Castle Garden being the main New Y[...]
Today, as a little bit of Memorial Day preparations, I am going to do some volunteer photography for the website Find A Grave.  (http://www.findagrave.com).  It is very easy to reg[...]