We need your help! Yes we really do! One of the best aspects of genealogy is the friends you make. Some are made in dusty archives, some via letter, some email, some in online chat[...]
A bit belated, but Happy New Year from Onward To Our Past! This is the season for New Year’s Resolutions and I am all for them!  That is, I am all for them for me as a person[...]
One of the 1800s photographs from Hugo Chotek's book
As seen in Huffington Post United Kingodom For the first time ever in English, a rare look at an early immigrant community as well as more than one thousand immigrant family names [...]
Today I am very pleased to introduce yet another in our series of exclusive genealogy and family history interviews for you, the readers and fans, of Onward To Our Past®. Today I a[...]
Not too long to wait now!  Onward To Our Past® is pleased to make the following announcement: We will be launching new pages here for the website soon, possibly later today! One fo[...]
HAPPY NEW YEAR!  May the power, promise, and possibilities of this New Year greet you with good health, strength, and a hammer to pound down your toughest brick walls! CH[...]
While I fully respect and accept the millions of folks who use Twitter, I, for one, will not be using this for my genealogy communications. First of all, I find that especially in [...]
Hi all!  Sorry I have been absent for a few days here.  I have been over on the Facebook page, but that is no excuse I know. Lately I have grown tired of looking at multiple geneal[...]
Hello all!  I hope this finds you well and enjoying this week!There has been a lot of buzz lately about the Royal Family lately and lots of questions and stories about folks c[...]