Today we complete our exclusive English translation of the 1878 article titled “The Biographies of Czech Editors in America” as originally published in the pages of Ame[...]
Czech Genealogy PDF: 1951 “Old Setters Memories” Amerikán Národní Kalendář We are back!  After our extended time off due to the death of my wife, our Amerikán Národní K[...]
Today we are pleased to bring you another in our series of exclusive translations from the Czech-American annual journal, Amerikán Národní Kalendář in pdf! This wonderful story is [...]
Today we are back in 1852 and 1901 at the same time! How can we do that, you might ask? Through the pen of Czech-American newspaperman and author, Hugo Chotek, describing events fr[...]
We did it! We completed the entire translation of the truly amazing story of the Halas family in early Arizona as told to us by Frank Halas through the pages of the 1934 edition of[...]
Over the past week we have provided one of the more intriguing stories in our Amerikán Národní Kalendář translation project. This story was only one portion of the 1934 article tit[...]
Czech Genealogy: 1934 “From the Memories of Old Czech Settlers in America” Zajíc Complete pdf Completed!  If you have been following along as we have posted the amazing[...]
Complete!  Our story about the wonderful, but little remembered, Czech cookbook from 1896, its chef, Emanuel Beránek, his obituary and life’s story from the 1921 edition of t[...]
Here we are!  As our readers have requested, once we complete an installment presentation of one of our works here on Onward To Our Past® we provide it here in its totality. Our mo[...]
As promised!  Onward To Our Past® Genealogy & History Services Company is proud to present our exclusive English translation of  the 1894 article “The Memoirs of Czech Se[...]