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Coaxing Memories For Your Family History   If you are at all like me, you love to hear other folks’ memories and stories about family!  It is what makes our family trees[...]
This story originally was published in the January 2012 issue of the Save Ellis Island Newsletter.  See http://www.SaveEllisIsland.org Recipe:  Take one Cornishman.  Add one Cornis[...]
Happy Sunday everyone!  I love the weekends …. loved them as a kid.  Love them as an adult!  Always have and I always will I suspect!   When I was younger, there were some ve[...]
Today’s Tip:  Be SURE to ask everyone NOW about everyone they know in the family who has passed away where they are buried!   I had been laboring to find the cemeteries for s[...]
Today’s Tip is self-serving.  I wrote the lead story that was chosen for the Save Ellis Island Foundation’s current newsletter and their website. I hope you enjoy it! L[...]
Today’s Tip:  Don’t forget your own stories!   I love wheedling stories out of folks!  I love to hear about when they were young, who they interacted with, what family [...]
Today’s Tip:  Don’t forget the family love stories! Some of the best stories for us to capture as family historians are the family love stories!   As I trace [...]