Today’s tip …. Surround yourself with the proper tools of the trade.  It makes all the difference in the world when you get down to work! No matter what the job, the ri[...]
Today we have my final Genealogy Strategic Plan Goal – Communicate on a regular and frequent basis.   I can hear the cheering from here!  Yes, I am almost done with my tips f[...]
Today’s Tip:  Recognize and embrace the diversity you are bound to find in your family tree! Shortly after I began my genealogy work, I had a rather depressing discussion wit[...]
Today’s Tip is Genealogy Strategic Plan goal #7 — Focus on two-way dialog in all your communications. At times I find myself getting caught up in telling my stories, te[...]
Today’s Goal #6 is simple:  If you are going to do this, do this right, so DOCUMENT, DOCUMENT, DOCUMENT! That means you should have as a goal to document each of your finding[...]
Today’s Tip is Goal #5: Focus on How to Maximize and Increase Family Participation While I knew I personally loved family history and genealogy, I also knew that many in the [...]
Today’s Tip is Goal #4 — Be Expansive and Include ALL Branches of the Family When I began my genealogical adventure, I was pretty focused on my blood line.  Then I star[...]
My third goal for genealogy is one that also might apply to many folks reading here.  Accessibility!   Not too long ago, genealogy had a tendency to culminate in either a family Bi[...]
Continuing with the discussion crafting a Genealogy Strategic Plan, Today’s Tip is Goal #2 Be Inclusive and Interactive I set this as my second goal for a number of reasons t[...]
As I said yesterday, I believe a very useful aspect to family history/genealogy to have a simple strategic plan.  It really helps you focus on what it is you want to accomplish wit[...]