Ninety-five years ago the editors and publisher of the Czech-American annual journal, Amerikán Národní Kalendář, decided to publish a short story by the Czech-American penman, Hugo[...]
Today we bring you the concluding installment of the exclusive English translation of Hugo Chotek’s “Three Christmases” originally published in the 1921 edition o[...]
We are now in 1873 with our Czech (Moravian) immigrants and continuing to follow their lives thanks to the wonderful Czech-American annual journal, Amerikán Národní Kalendář and th[...]
Our wonderful Czech story of Moravian immigrants in America continues today!  We began, thanks to the penman, Hugo Chotek, with these immigrants’ first Christmas in America i[...]
Welcome back to our continuing story of a typical Czech (Moravian) immigrant family as they have settled in the United States.  Today our author, Hugo Chotek, has us in 1863 and mo[...]
Our marvelous story continues!  We bring you more of our exclusive translation from the pages of the 1921 edition of the Czech-American annual journal, Amerikan Národní Kalendar an[...]
1863!  Our wonderful story from the talented Czech-American author and newspaperman, Hugo Chotek, continues!  We are now into Christmas number two and following the lives and times[...]
Today we are celebrating a Czech Christmas back in 1850!  Plus we move into Section Two of the wonderful Hugo Chotek story, “Three Christmases”.  We jump ahead in time [...]
Back to the 1850s!  Thanks to the wonderful writing of the Czech-American author and newspaperman, Hugo Chotek, we can enjoy this marvelous story that is a window on the lives of e[...]
Our fabulous 1850s story from Czech-American author, Hugo Chotek, continues today as we bring you an all new installment of “Three Christmases” from the 1921 edition of[...]