Today’s Tip For The *Real World* Genealogist is especially cool for our Cornish Cousins, the Cornish Global Migration Programme.  My tip is to get to know the CGMP! Murdoch H[...]
  As you may have seen in my post yesterday, I found a truly wonderful find on my one Bohemian family branch.  A whole page interview with him by a well-respected Czech author[...]
  Today’s Tip:  Do not overlook Academic journals as a source of some excellent genealogical information. While it is often easy to assume that the major companies are s[...]
Today’s Tip is Genealogy Strategic Plan goal #7 — Focus on two-way dialog in all your communications. At times I find myself getting caught up in telling my stories, te[...]
Continuing with the discussion crafting a Genealogy Strategic Plan, Today’s Tip is Goal #2 Be Inclusive and Interactive I set this as my second goal for a number of reasons t[...]
As I said yesterday, I believe a very useful aspect to family history/genealogy to have a simple strategic plan.  It really helps you focus on what it is you want to accomplish wit[...]
Happy Sunday everyone!  I love the weekends …. loved them as a kid.  Love them as an adult!  Always have and I always will I suspect!   When I was younger, there were some ve[...]
Today’s Tip — Remember to give credit where credit is due!   I learned long ago in my career that I was motivated by praise at least as much as by the all mighty dollar[...]
Today’s Tip:  Don’t forget to rerun your newly discovered information! I love my satellite TV for a lot of reasons, but a big one is some of the wonderful reruns that t[...]
Today’s Tip is another simple one:  Remember as you pursue your family history that there are two sides to every coin!   In this time of the election cycle (which I guess now[...]