Today’s Tip is a simple one … in genealogy there are some things we must never forget and we must always accept. If you saw my posts three days ago, you know that Janua[...]
Today’s Tip:  As the line goes in 99 Bottles of Beer on the Wall … “take one down, pass it around”.   When I was younger I used to drive my parents near ins[...]
Today’s Tip is self-serving.  I wrote the lead story that was chosen for the Save Ellis Island Foundation’s current newsletter and their website. I hope you enjoy it! L[...]
Today’s tip …. something you probably heard a million times growing up, two million times in Church, and three million times in school “Always play nice”.  [...]
Today’s Tip:  Don’t forget your own stories!   I love wheedling stories out of folks!  I love to hear about when they were young, who they interacted with, what family [...]
Today’s Tip is something I devised when I was on an airplane.  I did not have a whole lot of space to do any writing, but I wanted to spend some of the time on family history[...]
Happy Ekeko Day!  Perhaps my most favorite day of the year!  I love Ekeko and the culture that surrounds him.   Here is my Ekeko in my office.  All decked out w[...]
The Chinese New Year dawned today. As a genealogist, it is remarkable for me to contemplate the incredible history of China!   The year of the dragon is supposed to mean good [...]
Today’s Tip:  Don’t forget to record what is hot, or cold for that matter, as in what folks like to drink! When I was growing up, my folks loved to host family gatherin[...]
Today’s Tip:  When you discover, by design or by tripping over it, some cool piece of history in your family history/genealogy pursuit, allow yourself time to delve into[...]