Today’s Tip:  Sometimes you have to try the side door rather than just barging in the front, especially if you have tried the front door a time or two before! Often time[...]
Today’s Tip:  Asking what the most important lessons one learned in life … and from whom they came! As you all most certainly do, from time to time I run into a re[...]
Today’s Tip:  Volunteer right from your home!  No muss, no fuss, no gas bills, no wear and tear except on your fingers! Like almost everyone who works in genealogy [...]
Today’s Tip:  Be sure to capture the brand names, store names, etc. for your family history! The other day I noticed a catalog that contained a number of items of ‘[...]
Today’s Tip is thanks to Robert Frost, the American poet.  Pretty impressive given that I am not a big fan of, nor particularly understand a lot of poetry!  So than[...]
Today’s Tip:  To get results don’t forget to use a fork in your research. I figure whoever invented the folk had a reason for putting all those tines on it.  [...]
Today’s Tip: Don’t forget to cross-check documents across the family! As you work a family branch, don’t forget to cross-check your documents for all family membe[...]
Today’s Tip: As genealogists and family historians, we have a responsibility to CARE, SHARE and TEACH!First, we must CARE! Care about the quality of the research we accomplis[...]
Today’s Tip:  When you head starts to swim ….. do laps in a different pool! Today I was deeply involved in a surname I had been working on for the week.  I ha[...]
Today’s Tip:  If you have ancestors who secured land through the Federal Government, be SURE to check out the site http://www.glorecords.blm.gov.  It is awesome! On[...]