Today’s Tip:  Don’t be afraid to be a little bit crazy! Donnie May have been a little bit Rock and Roll and Marie may have been a little bit Country, but in geneal[...]
Today’s Tip:  Study up for the 1940 US Census! As the old saying goes: This isn’t your grandfather’s Census, even if it is! With the rush to get the 1940 out[...]
Today’s Tip:  Start to establish your plan of attack for the 1940 Census now. Well, here we are …. 2012 and just 89 days until the 1940 US Census is released for u[...]
Today’s Tip: DO NOT listen to those who preach the end of Genealogy Societies. I have read a lot recently about how the Internet is the death of local genealogical societies.[...]
Today’s Tip:  See how it plays in Peoria.  Run it by the Peanut Gallery! When you are working on a real challenging piece of research, be sure to stop part way thro[...]
Today’s Tip:  As the New Year approaches, don’t forget your Genealogy New Year’s Resolutions! As we prepare to bid adios (which this year I am more than happ[...]
Today’s Tip:  Remember that long-term and short-term memory can be very different. I am NOT a doctor, so this is NOT medical advice.  However, I did work for the Al[...]
Today’s Tip:  Remember, we all have our idiosyncrasies!   As we gather for the holidays, it is sometimes too easy to get caught up in gossip, innuendo, and being ir[...]
Today’s Tip:  Happy first day of Hanukkah! We all need to remember that diversity is what makes our families great! So remember, respect, and celebrate those that may no[...]
Very hard for me today to move on with Today’s Tips …. I have loved, truly loved, recounting the lessons I learned from my mentor and friend, Jim Hoiby.  But I als[...]